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Oneremaining, United Kingdom


Here at Oneremaining, we recognise that we are masters of our own fate. Here we have planet priorities and aim to embody a sustainable ethos throughout our brand. Our garments are created from recycled textiles, moving towards the future with a total waste-free methodology. We are bringing forward a zero-waste vision and focusing on upcycling by not allowing unwanted items to end up in a landfill. Here we have a motto;





Mass production has been a huge contributor to the devastation that our planet is facing, with the fashion industry being the second largest culprit. We want no part in this and approach procurement with an eye to ensuring our materials are sustainable, natural and ethically sourced, to give you a viable alternative.


Fashion is for the individual and we appreciate how important this is. Adopting this way of production not only helps to save our planet but also gives joy by offering completely unique items with an unconventional style. We deliver our products with mysticism, indulging within an apocalyptic state of imagination. You have an invitation to join us throughout the journey, where you can become your own character and enter our intoxicating world. Our mission is to astonish and fill the world with magic without any extra hidden costs. 

Corporate companies have offered us convenience, at our own expense. It is time to see through this facade and live in harmony with our one and only planet. After all, there is no planet B! Join our committed community for further information and vital advice towards a gratifying standard of living.


 ‘They must find it difficult. Those who have taken authority as the truth. Rather than the truth as the authority’ – G. Massey