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Oneremaining, United Kingdom

Flights of fantasy and the nightmare of reality


Sometime, beyond 2019, when all pleasures are undeniable, but humanities fate was long overdue. A world where all knowledge is obtainable, but there is deep-seated treachery that spoiled the land. There were many forewarnings. But within society, corrupted minds thrived. This was not their fault, citizens were defenceless against the psychological warfare that was thrust upon them. Faceless dictators monitored every breath, absorbing every interaction, gifting us our every desire for their own advantage. A day will come where all man’s courage will cease, only for them to be seduced by their every fantasy. It will be a grandiose misconception, hypnotised into thinking the choice was theirs, but it hadn’t belonged to anybody for millennia.


The planet will have been enslaved by imposing greed. The bond will shatter between a tainted nation and mother earth. Bleakness has fallen, the only thing certain to grow is the waste products that fill the landscapes, as far as the eye can see. Picturesque hillsides have been exchanged for a withering wasteland. The fires below shall be more intimate than ever before, and the skies will reflect just how ferociously close the flames are. The world has not been able to sustain this devastating way of life, and existence has collapsed into ungodly depths.


Although, not all balance is lost. Witnessing the barbaric nature, a divine moment of truth has been unleashed on the few. Clairvoyants have emerged upon the land - The Ethereal; the universe’s last implement to revive the Virtuous. Subsequently, the Oracles followed; tranquil beings who have been plagued with pollution. Thanks to the appearance of these otherworldly beings’ individuals understand the planet has reached a state of deterioration that is no longer safe for species to dwell. Radicals have started to clutch onto their consciousness and cling onto humanities future. If not then it will only be a matter of time before the final obliteration, but existence is not irretrievable just yet.